Tesla s radiant energy device works great! woo hoo

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for you free energy fans free energy finally bigger huge scale i feel passable i think if you covered a lot with hundreds of these they would work fun to build a huge moter gen
hi hi i built a number of these things years ago so i thought how would one of these special motors work as they take a volt and milliamperes to turn the shaft hum ok well i took a peice of rusted pipe drove it in the ground and added water as well as copper then the positive side i took it and added my copper part that i heat treated and anodized meaning acid bath so there microscopic prickle point to collect ions electrons prickly things make nd gather all kinds of stuff take 35 percent hydrogen peroxide stick a busted piece of metal in it and you will see what i mean or a bunch of pins ok remember cat whiskers same as this copper in the tree the ideal thing is a 3 foot diameter ball special treated copper shaped like teslas wardencliffe tower
but anyway this worked great running the moter generator so would an earth battery two plates in the ground zink copper or iron and aluminium salt water this unit today ran all day i guess it would run weeks months rain might stop it its lets say delicate and proper attention to copper chemistry and a good dry day cheers john
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Tesla s radiant energy device works great! woo hoo